How Much Fiber Should We Eat To Prevent Diseases?

For a long time, scientists and public health organizations have recommended the consumption of fiber; however, until recently, no agreement established how much fiber we should consume exactly. [Continue Reading]

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Sneeze and Pee, How Embarrassing

Achoo! Oops. You just sneezed, and your nose is not the only thing that’s wet. It’s embarrassing. It’s normal. It’s almost always fixable, and the solution may be easy. [...]

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Biological Computer: Stanford Researchers Discover Genetic Transistors That Turn Cells Into Computers

A recent study from Stanford University has shown how the treatment of diseases has become revolutionized through the creation of genetic receptors. [Continue Reading]

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Nobel Prize Discovery Proves You Can Defeat Impotence Now!

Nobel prize-winning research discovered that impotence can be reversed or prevented with a natural health program. Impotence is almost always a physiological problem. It is very [Continue Reading]

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Who’s At Risk from the Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic?

How did a humble vitamin that can be obtained free from sunshine make Time Magazine’s Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs for 2007? The other nine medical breakthroughs were all [Continue Reading]

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