Facts About ED—The Manly Problem You Don’t Need to Fear

You were ready, excited, and then your erection fizzled.

Does that mean you have erectile dysfunction? Maybe not. But even if you do, ED is a problem with solutions.

Every man loses an erection at times. That’s life, not ED. It’s a subject that calls for frank and open discussion—facts, not worries—and here’s what’s important to know.

When do failures to stay erect become ED?

That’s open to interpretation when it’s occasional. If you know you are highly stressed or your partner does not interest you, your failures to launch could be psychological and could disappear when the trigger goes away.

However, even those experiences can cause a lack of confidence that outlasts the problem. That’s one good reason to look for ED treatment any time you need a boost.

[article in progress, to be continued]


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