Fitness and Exercise

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Pilates: A Mind and Body Philosophy

Core strength and posture are the two most popular reasons to start Pilates. But research shows that it’s a great rehab partner. It may also help reduce pain from conditions like arthritis.

It Pays to Play When You Go Aerobic

Aerobic exercise is an unbeatable place to begin if you want to start a healthy new lifestyle. Within a month, you should see and feel measurable results. It should also help improve your health, stamina, mood, and energy.

Exercise Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure

Thirty minutes of dancing might enliven your mood and trim your waist. It might also help you manage your blood pressure (BP).

Try Two Poles for a Super-Walking Super-Workout

How do you make a walk into a super-workout? Add poles. How do you make it seem easier? Add poles. Nordic walking poles, that is. They can they make walking seem easier while you are actually working out harder.

Your Sweatpants Are Making You Fat

The year 2020 was the worst of times for our waistlines. Pandemic kept us indoors, eating our heads off. Remote work and worship kept us in sweatpants and athleisure. Now we can’t zip our old jeans. But this is fixable. And changing your clothes could help.