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The Best Ways To Succeed at Resolutions, What Tom Knows

In a few weeks, the happy, celebratory holiday season will be over. Next up is the “New Years Resolution” season. If you had to choose one new habit to form when you're making your New Year's promises to yourself, Tom Brady should be your guide.

Five Fast Ways to Reduce Stress

“What I need in my life is more stress,” said no one, ever. But we do need it. The stress of driving in heavy traffic keeps us energized and focused long enough to navigate well. Grade stress makes students actually read their textbooks. What we don't need is bad stress, and these strategies could help you dial it down.

Tea Boosts Brain Organization

Tea has a reputation for calming us down, boosting our immunity, and helping us focus. Now there’s yet another reason to warm up to a cuppa—tea drinkers have better organized brains.

The Calm Your Brain Needs: Mindfulness and Meditation For Better Cognition

Indeed, climbing mountains and becoming a Tibetan monk is a far-fetched way to go about it, but meditation is worth the effort. And it’s so easily done at home that many doctors now hand out “prescriptions” for it.
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What Happens When You Yell at Your Kids

Somewhere, there's a parent who has never yelled at his or her child. But there aren't many... how does that actually affect a child, and what should happen next?