Articles based on research and current thinking about memory, cognition, dementia, and brain science


The Unjournal… Where You’re Most Present by Being Absent

You mindfully eat a strawberry and observe how it tastes to you. You write a gratitude journal and note, “I am grateful that I…” You embrace self-care and vow, ”I’ll do more for me.” Maybe this is not always the path to bliss.

Doing This 12 Minutes a Day Could Hold Off Alzheimer's

No one has found a drug that can cure Alzheimer’s disease yet, but some researchers have discovered a back-door approach that may reverse memory loss and hold the disease at bay.

Brain Training That Really Keeps You Sharp

In science, discovery continues to add details to our learning. Now we know that there’s a lot to be said beyond “do some crosswords” when it comes to brain training and staying sharp all your life. In fact, crosswords may not help.

Blue Light’s Good, Blue Light’s Bad… It All Depends on When

Behind your eye, the rod and cone cells on your retina read light so you can see. Alongside them, a third kind of cells in the retina read the same light so your body knows what to do. This simple division of labor is the reason you can watch TV until late at night, but you might not get to sleep easily. It’s why you may memorize, learn, and solve puzzles better in sunlight than firelight. Blue light is the reason.

Reduce Anxiety and Calm Stress through a Simple Tapping Exercise

Tapping is a technique that helps fight stress, anxiety, and distraction. It’s physical, but it does its work by speaking to your mind and helping you focus on those feelings that are positive and discarding everything that prevents you from continuing with a full life.