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Max Your Memory Power

  • Improve focus
  • Speed learning
  • Recall everything that matters to you
  • Make better decisions
  • Keep a “young brain” for your whole life

Memory champion Kim Surin memorized 2,350 cards in one hour.   Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini memorized 200 symphonies, note for note, and over 100 operas. C.S. Lewis, the author of the Narnia stories, recalled almost everything in every book he read.

Memory champions work at it, but their techniques aren’t hard. You can use them, too.

You can also put the simple strategies in this book to use immediately and easily… whether you want to learn thousands of new words or just go to the grocery store for six things without forgetting one of them. The bonus of a better memory just goes far beyond making daily living smoother and making you look smarter. Improving memory can also hold off age-related cognitive decline. Everything you need to know to achieve all the memory power you need is here.

Today’s Supernutrient Heroes According to Science

Remember when everyone was selling vitamin E to cure acne, strengthen weak eyes, fix depression, and reverse hardening of the arteries? But it doesn’t.

Health fads come and go. But some nutrients really do have super powers. That’s not hearsay… they’ve been investigated in human trials. And these have had less publicity than they deserve. You should know about them.

If you want to add something to your daily routine beyond a vitamin pill… here is the latest information on the supernutrients scientists love and praise.


  • The nutrient that makes other vitamins stronger—without danger of overdosing.
  • The herb that soothes joints faster than glucosamine and chondroitin
  • The healthiest pasta you need to eat more (or try the soup version)
  • The throwaway fruit trimming that your stomach will thank you for
  • Two berries you should be eating for better eyesight after dark (not found in the grocery store!)

Slip, Trip, Fall: What You Need to Know At Every Age About America’s Third Most Deadly Health Risk

Almost everything written about the risks of falling focuses on old people and overlooks teens and healthy adults. That bias may be the most harmful public health myth of our times.

That’s because injuries from falls, slips and trips kill more Americans every year than anything except heart disease and cancer.  And every age group suffers.  In fact, outdoor accidents are far more likely to happen to young, healthy people.

Read the surprising statistics and find out where the risks really are. Then turn to the rest of this report for dozens of new ideas on how to stay safe.   We’ve gone way beyond handrails in the bathroom for you.