Articles based on research and current thinking about living longer and staying stronger and more mentally alert throughout life


Doing This 12 Minutes a Day Could Hold Off Alzheimer's

No one has found a drug that can cure Alzheimer’s disease yet, but some researchers have discovered a back-door approach that may reverse memory loss and hold the disease at bay.

Brain Training That Really Keeps You Sharp

In science, discovery continues to add details to our learning. Now we know that there’s a lot to be said beyond “do some crosswords” when it comes to brain training and staying sharp all your life. In fact, crosswords may not help.

Hungry People, Fruit Flies, and Wine Drinkers … The True and Still Mysterious Keys to Longevity

The proof that being hungry could help you live longer is strong. It’s been confirmed time and again in high-quality scientific experiments… if you are a fruit fly. What about humans?

Clues from a Rare Brain Disease Might Solve the Pain in Your Knees and Extend Cell Life

New research into one of the rarest autoimmune diseases—called PHARC—could mean hope for people who suffer arthritis, the most common one.

Our Lifestyles Speed Aging… These Changes Could Slow It Down

A pre-industrial man could have lived to be 100, but the average was only 35. A human today could live to be 122, but the average is still only 79.
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