Nice Teeth, Now Brush Your Skin

Brushes are basic to clean your teeth and detangle your hair. Now do your whole body a favor and dry brush your skin. A quick bit of this easy self-care before your bath or shower will leave you feeling extra clean and invigorated.

Everyone has some dry skin, even people who struggle with oily skin, because it's part of the normal cell turnover process. As your skin cells age, they move upward toward the surface. These old cells eventually fall off to make room for younger new cells. But they let go reluctantly, and while they are hanging on by a corner, they curl up and dry out. That's why dry brushing is good for all skin types.  

On children, this sloughing process is fast and hardly noticeable. On older people it’s slower, so those dying cells that hang on too long make skin look dull and dry. And feel itchy.   

Better than a Loofa and Scrubbing Bubbles

We have lots of choices for dealing with the problem. Most people’s bathrooms hold an array of loofas, scrubbing nylon thingies, exfoliating body washes, and special towels. Not to mention creams, serums, and lotions to try to moisturize cells that area actually beyond help.

The problem is that almost all scrubbing and scouring products are rough ways to go about the process of giving nature a bit of help. It’s like the difference between finding a few hairs in your hairbrush versus yanking at a handful and seeing if anything comes out.

For someone whose skin is still thick and not too fragile, loofas and body washes with scrubbing beads can work. But it’s still not a great idea. And for older, thinner skin and for most women it’s too brutal.

Dry skin brushing is the gentle way to go.

How To Dry Brush Your Skin

A good body brush is firm enough to work but soft enough not to hurt or irritate.

The best choice if you want to reach your back is a brush with a long handle, as pictured.

[Image 2] If you have no trouble reaching your back and ankles, then a hand-held brush will do nicely, too. Many long-handled brushes are made so that you can easily slip the brush head off the handle for a hand-held option.

Before you take your bath or shower, you simply brush your skin all over. Avoid any areas that are injured, sunburned, or have problems like psoriasis. Avoid any spots that are too sensitive, like genitals, as well. 

In general you work from the distance toward your heart. So you would brush your arms upward from your hands to your shoulders. Do your legs from feet to body.

On your torso, stroke toward your heart, but you can  use circular strokes. Be the judge of what feels good to you. If your stomach or breasts are too sensitive, lighten the pressure or skip. Those areas tend to have less dry skin hanging on anyway because they receive less sun exposure.

This will feel pleasant and invigorating.  Meanwhile, It will promote more blood circulation, which is always good for your skin. It will also gently loosen dry skin cells that are hanging on too long. But because the brush is soft and gentle, you do not need to worry about irritating your skin by treating it too harshly.  [Image 3]

It’s that easy. Next you take your bath. Some dry brush kits come with gloves you can wear to continue the scrubbing. These, are gentle enough for arms, legs and feel great on the back. Don’t use on your face, neck or sensitive areas.

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

  • Dry brushing increases circulation, much like a massage does.   
  • It loosens dead skin so your skin looks brighter and healthier.
  • Getting rid of dry cells exposes healthier cells to the benefits from any skin lotions or supplements you may apply. that block healthy skin from receiving benefits from lotions and nutrients you may apply.
  • Dry brushing makes your skin feel softer and smoother.
  • You may feel cleaner and more energized.
  • It can help detoxify naturally by getting rid of old skin cells that can clog pores and stimulating lymph flow.

 But most of all, it feels great. It’s one cheap thrill that’s actually good for you.

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