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Pilates: A Mind and Body Philosophy

Core strength and posture are the two most popular reasons to start Pilates. But research shows that it’s a great rehab partner. It may also help reduce pain from conditions like arthritis.

It Pays to Play When You Go Aerobic

Aerobic exercise is an unbeatable place to begin if you want to start a healthy new lifestyle. Within a month, you should see and feel measurable results. It should also help improve your health, stamina, mood, and energy.

Magnesium--The Quiet Mineral You Could Be Missing

Metals matter. We pop a zinc lozenge in our mouth to shorten colds. We check calcium levels to protect our bones and count on iron for red blood. But we rarely think about magnesium, even though it’s active in over 300 natural processes throughout our bodies.

Tea Boosts Brain Organization

Tea has a reputation for calming us down, boosting our immunity, and helping us focus. Now there’s yet another reason to warm up to a cuppa—tea drinkers have better organized brains.

11 Good Reasons to Eat More Nuts

When we were counting calories, nuts were a no-go. Then science saved us from depriving ourselves. It turns out that eating nuts can help you lose weight. Whether you are on a diet or not, they’re good nutrition.