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The Super Anti-aging Ingredient, Resveratrol

If you love drinking wine and grape juice or eating grapes, you could be behind your peers--in biological age, that is. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes, helps slow the aging process.

How to Turn a Snack Habit Into a Health Plan

If you were raised to believe that eating between meals was a bad habit that would make you fat and spoil your dinner, time to reboot. Snacks between meals can be part of a healthy ahealthy eating plan.

Try Two Poles for a Super-Walking Super-Workout

How do you make a walk into a super-workout? Add poles. How do you make it seem easier? Add poles. Nordic walking poles, that is. They can they make walking seem easier while you are actually working out harder.

Keto Basics

How is America losing weight now? One way or another, keto eating is the winner. The International Food Council says 8% of people attempting to lose weight are doing keto, 10% are intermittent fasting (another way into keto) and 7% are sticking with low-carb eating (that’s a feature of keto, as well). So here’s your quick guide to keto and why it gets results.

The Return of the Spider Plant

When the indoor air makes you wheeze, you can spend $300 to $1000 for an HEPA air purifier. It will add a level of noise, take up space, and probably look ugly, too. Or maybe it’s time to remember the quietly elegant and useful spider plant.