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Your Sweatpants Are Making You Fat

The year 2020 was the worst of times for our waistlines. Pandemic kept us indoors, eating our heads off. Remote work and worship kept us in sweatpants and athleisure. Now we can’t zip our old jeans. But this is fixable. And changing your clothes could help.

The Verdict: This Is How Many Fruits and Vegetables You Need

Finally we have the real, science-backed answer to the question “how many servings of fruits and vegetables should we eat every day?”

Five Common Reasons Your Toenails Get Thick—and Age Isn’t One of Them

When the dog’s toenails are prettier than yours, it’s time for action. Though you see them wherever bare feet and sandals occur, thick toenails are not just a benign side effect of getting older. They are a problem.

Pushups Save Lives; Here’s How to Do 40 Even If You Can’t Crack One Today

Pushups matter more than we thought. They may even predict your risk of suffering a heart attack in the next 10 years.

Coconut Oil Is Not Health Food

Do you love coconut oil? Well, beware. This alleged "superfood" may not be so beneficial to your health after all.