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The Return of the Spider Plant

When the indoor air makes you wheeze, you can spend $300 to $1000 for an HEPA air purifier. It will add a level of noise, take up space, and probably look ugly, too. Or maybe it’s time to remember the quietly elegant and useful spider plant.

Keep Your Voice Young and Strong Forever

How old is Morgan Freeman’s voice? How can Julie Andrews still mimic a teenager? Morgan and Julie prove good voices don’t have to grow old.

The Unjournal… Where You’re Most Present by Being Absent

You mindfully eat a strawberry and observe how it tastes to you. You write a gratitude journal and note, “I am grateful that I…” You embrace self-care and vow, ”I’ll do more for me.” Maybe this is not always the path to bliss.

Your Sweatpants Are Making You Fat

The year 2020 was the worst of times for our waistlines. Pandemic kept us indoors, eating our heads off. Remote work and worship kept us in sweatpants and athleisure. Now we can’t zip our old jeans. But this is fixable. And changing your clothes could help.

Doing This 12 Minutes a Day Could Hold Off Alzheimer's

No one has found a drug that can cure Alzheimer’s disease yet, but some researchers have discovered a back-door approach that may reverse memory loss and hold the disease at bay.