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Pilates: A Mind and Body Philosophy

Core strength and posture are the two most popular reasons to start Pilates. But research shows that it’s a great rehab partner. It may also help reduce pain from conditions like arthritis.

Five Fast Ways to Reduce Stress

“What I need in my life is more stress,” said no one, ever. But we do need it. The stress of driving in heavy traffic keeps us energized and focused long enough to navigate well. Grade stress makes students actually read their textbooks. What we don't need is bad stress, and these strategies could help you dial it down.

It Pays to Play When You Go Aerobic

Aerobic exercise is an unbeatable place to begin if you want to start a healthy new lifestyle. Within a month, you should see and feel measurable results. It should also help improve your health, stamina, mood, and energy.

Why Is It That Some People Can Think Themselves Happy?

Some people stand out like a ray of sunlight. They’re good-natured. Their happiness is visible and contagious. When you’re near them, you feel a little better, too. Could this be a learnable skill? These four tactics might help.

The Super Anti-aging Ingredient, Resveratrol

If you love drinking wine and grape juice or eating grapes, you could be behind your peers--in biological age, that is. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes, helps slow the aging process.