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Your Sweatpants Are Making You Fat

The year 2020 was the worst of times for our waistlines. Pandemic kept us indoors, eating our heads off. Remote work and worship kept us in sweatpants and athleisure. Now we can’t zip our old jeans. But this is fixable. And changing your clothes could help.

Doing This 12 Minutes a Day Could Hold Off Alzheimer's

No one has found a drug that can cure Alzheimer’s disease yet, but some researchers have discovered a back-door approach that may reverse memory loss and hold the disease at bay.

6 Tiny Habits That Will Make You Feel Better

Take a mental break from your big goals today. These six habits are so easy you can’t fail. They all boost your mental wellbeing and make you feel happier.
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Two Tips to Cook Better At Home (With or Without the Kids)

Cooking at home is one of the best ways to be sure your family gets healthy nutrition and enjoys time together. But no matter how good your intentions, unless the cooking is comfortable, fun and fairly easy for you, pizza delivery is easier. These two tips will go a long way to help you keep your good cooking habit going.

Blue Light’s Good, Blue Light’s Bad… It All Depends on When

Behind your eye, the rod and cone cells on your retina read light so you can see. Alongside them, a third kind of cells in the retina read the same light so your body knows what to do. This simple division of labor is the reason you can watch TV until late at night, but you might not get to sleep easily. It’s why you may memorize, learn, and solve puzzles better in sunlight than firelight. Blue light is the reason.