Articles based on research and current thinking about the food you eat and healthy weight management


Keto Basics

How is America losing weight now? One way or another, keto eating is the winner. The International Food Council says 8% of people attempting to lose weight are doing keto, 10% are intermittent fasting (another way into keto) and 7% are sticking with low-carb eating (that’s a feature of keto, as well). So here’s your quick guide to keto and why it gets results.

The Verdict: This Is How Many Fruits and Vegetables You Need

Finally we have the real, science-backed answer to the question “how many servings of fruits and vegetables should we eat every day?”

5 Vitamins and Minerals That Really Could Help You Lose Weight

Generations of mothers have promised their balky offspring that carrots would make their eyes strong and fish would make their brains sharp. Popeye promised spinach would grow muscles. Now some food researchers think certain nutrients in food can help you lose weight.

Court Rules High-Sugar Cereals Aren’t Health Food

Big cereal had another rotten day in court, and parents who take their children’s health seriously gained a little more traction in the long-running fight to get candy off the breakfast table.

New Ways to Love Oatmeal for People Who Hate The Stuff

Oatmeal is incredibly healthy, and if you can love a bowl of gray glop for breakfast, bless you. You are a saint. If you know you should eat it, but can hardly look at the stuff, there’s hope yet.