Your Star Supplement Deserves A Supporting Cast

Nature designed the human body to be complex. There’s safety and wisdom in that plan. Your vitamins and supplements need to respect that wisdom, too.

Sometimes in explaining what is good for this condition or best for that one, we create that myth that all problems should have simple answers… Low energy? take B12! Weak bones? add calcium! Prone to colds and bugs? you need more zinc!

You do need all those things. But you need more.

Think about how your body works... Your feet can't drag your body down the road all by themselves. They need the help of your spine to balance your body overhead, bones to support it, and a brain to decide where to head. 

Your fingers may add a pinch of salt to your French fries, but your kidneys moderate whether it goes from your stomach to your bloodstream or gets washed out.


Vitamins, Herbs & Minerals Work Together

Yet we often talk about our vitamins and supplements as if each one was a standalone... Iron is the mineral that enriches the blood. B3 is best for skin. And ashwagandha is terrific for anxiety. Or so we believe.

The truth is, vitamins and supplements need an entourage to work their best. They act in synergy.

Your body is complex and anything that goes into balancing or healing it needs to be well thought out. 

The term “entourage effect” was invented by Dr. Ralph Mechoulam, who is the world's leading cannabis researcher. It refers to compounds that have a better or different effect when they work together. There's no reason the hemp and cannabis people should have that term all to themselves, though. Because it's true for vitamins, minerals, and herbals, too. 

You have probably noticed a particular case of this in the past few years. Has your doctor checked your Vitamin D level? Vitamin D affects your energy level, but that's not why your physician makes this a routine check.

He's concerned about your bone density. Studies have shown that no matter how much calcium you ingest, it won't do the job of building bone unless your vitamin D levels are sufficient. Calcium is a star player for bone mass density, but it needs Vitamin D in its entourage.

You need sodium in your body. But you also need potassium to regulate it.

Zinc is popular with people who take it to shorten the duration of a cold. But too much zinc can compete with copper in the body. The two minerals latch onto the same absorption sites. Usually things work smoothly, but someone popping zinc lozenges, a person taking AREDS for macular degeneration, and even people using some denture creams can get so much zinc they can cause a copper deficiency.

We remember how complex the body is at Renown Health Products.

If you look at the label on any Renown Health product, you will never, ever find that we have sent you a single-ingredient product.  We believe every star deserves an entourage. Our work always recognizes that all the herbals, minerals, and vitamins you take need to support one another work their best.

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